Resource Center and Day Shelter

Davis Community Meals and Housing provides a Resource Center and Day Shelter on Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at 1111 H Street in Davis. This program provides homeless and low income individuals and families with access to basic necessities such as food, showers, clothing, laundry facilities, personal hygiene products, and other necessities. Additional services include access to a telephone, transportation arrangements, and mail address service.

Clients are often provided with resources and information on accessing substance abuse recovery programs, career counseling, and mental health counseling. They may also receive direct assistance in life skills training, individual planning, and obtaining housing. Homeless prevention services to help pay delinquent rent and utility bills is also provided.

Davis Community Meals and Housing collaborates with and, when appropriate, refers clients to service providers throughout Yolo County and the Sacramento area, including Yolo County Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health, the Short Term Emergency Aid Committee (STEAC), drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, 4th and Hope, CommuniCare Health Centers, and Empower Yolo.

The Resource Center and Day Shelter Program is located at
1111 H Street, Davis, CA 95616.

For more information about Davis Community Meals and Housing support programs, email our Resource Coordinator or call 530-753-9204.